About VENI:

VENI is a recently founded Austrian network and platform of experts and friends of newly independent Central Asian and south Caucasus countries (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia) aiming at

  • the connection and bundling of expertise, contacts, experience, know-how, initiatives and projects concerning the Central Asia-South Caucasus region (CA-SC)

  • the stimulation and support of joint actions and projects for and in the CA-SC region

  • improving the level of awareness of and information about the CA-SC region in Austria

  • contributing to the Neighbourship Policy and Central Asia Strategy of the European Union and the role of Austria as a mediator between Austria and the CA-SC region

  • the promotion of contacts, co-operation and synergies in relation to the CA-SC region.

VENI offers itself as:

  • centre of competence and experts’ network

  • platform of communication and action for projects and project co-operation

  • provider and promotor of information and information partner for media

  • pool of consultants, promotor and provider of contacts

  • partner for state, non-state and corporate actors and enterprises

Board and primary personal ressources of VENI:

  • Johannes CHUDOBA, M.A., long standing expert on Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and the CA region, at present based in Bishkek/Kyrgyzstan,

  • Peter FELCH Ph.D., historian, export manager with extensive experienced in C.I.S., CA and SC, OSCE Political and Media Officer in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan (2002-2006), cultural exchange manager, conflict analyst and expert of Kyrgyz and CA affairs,

  • Siegfried WÖBER M.A., expert in North and South Caucasus affairs, former SC desk of the OSCE, cultural exchange manager, Austrian initiator and co-ordinator of the Transkaukazija festival,

  • Martin ROSSMANN, M.A., OSCE Economic and Environmental Officer in Kyrgyzstan (until 2012), responsible for OSCE programs and projects

  • Gerald KOFLER, journalist and film maker with experience in CA

VENI projects:

  • Internet portal „LINKING EURASIA“ (working title) on Central Asia and Caucasus for Central Europe (in development)

  • Search of Traces – Austrians as Prisoners of War in Turkistan during and after WWI“ research, publication, exhibiton and documentary film project (in progress)

  • Research, publication, exhibition and film projects on historical Austrian relations with Central Asia and the Caucasus (in planning)

  • Projects of cultural exchange and tourism development (in planning)

  • Library and mediatheque on Central Asia and Caucasus (being compiled)

Since 2012 VENI is registrated as non-profit non-governmental association and looks for:
members, activists, partners and sponsor for projects as well as corporate consulting clients